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Prolecto Record Import/Export Manager (RIEM)

Provides a framework for configuring and monitoring regular data imports and exports, and the scripts to automate the process. Allows you to set up regular import and export jobs based on various criteria, and then to monitor the status of those jobs. Each import or export is processed via a custom plug-in implementation. Drop a file in a folder or email to a specific address and let the work begin.

Bundle ID

Ask for Bundle ID: 240193.

Version History


Support for different file (layout) types.


  1. Fixed bug when RIEM calculated the # of lines of data in the CSV file.  Previously, if a single โ€œcellโ€ had newline characters, it threw counter off.
  2. Added support for CSV files which had more columns of data than headings.  Previously the job just threw an error if that happened.  Now you can control whether it throws an error, or imports the data with auto-generated heading names.


Additional status code to be leveraged during the import process.


Minor refinements including reference to documentation.


Fixed a bug where, if an import file had no rows, the process would loop, continually trying to re-process the same file. 

New feature (specifically for a client), so that you can configure an Export Job Type to regularly check whether there are any records to export, and if there are, automatically create an export job, based on the configured frequency.


Better status visibility and logging on export jobs.


First major revision deployed at four different clients.

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