NetSuite Bundles

The following applications are available to all active Prolecto Resources clients without license charge:

BTC4ERP Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator

The Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator enables any NetSuite account to accept and pay with Bitcoin. The bundle treats Bitcoin as a foreign currency and a payment method. The bundle automatically connects to Bitcoin pricing services to allow for exchange price table updates. The application works with backend Bitcoin Processors. Current processors supported include Bitpay and BTC4ERP (for testing purposes). Ask for Bundle ID: 43765.

Enterprise Timesheet Manager

Enterprise Timesheet Manager enhances NetSuite native Daily time entry to support project managers, administrators while enhancing staff augmentation / contractor obligations. Includes ability to move time between projects. Allows rollup and analysis. Supports workflow driven approvals with automatic connection to Accounts Payable functions for vendors. Connections of time entries to invoices enhance reporting.

See Ask for Bundle ID: 27533.

Prolecto 1099 Saved Search

Download a SuiteBundle that generates a NetSuite 1099 Saved Search to support transaction processing and export to reporting packages. Install a 1099 Saved Search. See related article:

The bundle is available for you to download: Search on #67456 Ask for Bundle ID: 67456.

Prolecto 3PL Item Fulfillment Export Utility

Designed to drive 3PL warehouses, an item fulfillment in picked state can be used as criteria for a referenced saved search as source to generate a CSV File or related Content Renderer Engine (CRE). After the CSV file is generated, we flip the item fulfillment status from Picked to Packed which indicates the records have been sent to 3PL and are expected to be shipped. Ask for Bundle ID: 191062.

Prolecto Accept Customer Payment Technologies

External web pages for accepting customer payments from 1. A customer statement driven form, 2. From a Sales Order form (in development). Allows for single driven transactional payment modes.. Deprecation from Prolecto Credit Card Accept Utilities. Ask for Bundle ID: 255749.

Prolecto Account Clearing Transaction

The Account Clearing model is designed to take transactions in one currency and bridge to another currency with related features to connect to underlying transactions such as vendor bills or invoices. Ask for Bundle ID: 264518.

Prolecto Application Management

Application manager to track all the NetSuite bundles developed and distributed by Prolecto Resources. Can be used where you expect to have a Development, Testing and Distribution environment typically seen in NetSuite SDN contexts. Application Version management included. Ask for Bundle ID: 160242.

Prolecto Business Development Lookup

Logic for Customer & Item Business Development Lookup returning "New" vs "Existing" for both Customer and Item Based Sales. Helps drive commission calculations by stamping sales orders and related transactions with date the customer first became a customer.

Background Ask for Bundle ID: 102193.

Prolecto Business Process Automation

Provides automation for certain common business processes. Initial version provides ability to automatically invoice an item fulfillment as soon as it moves to "shipped" status, and optionally attempt to pay for the invoice via available floating customer deposits. Ask for Bundle ID: 249212.

Prolecto Camel FTP Services

An Amazon Linux service that will connect any FTP / sFTP server to NetSuite to provide hands free bi-directional real time movement of files between systems. Job controls ensure that files are delivered to target system with movement of files to archive folders on source system.

Prolecto Cash Receipt Application

Contact Prolecto Resources to obtain the bundle. The application deploys a Restlet endpoint that allows a supplied Excel spreadsheet to apply cash receipts against invoices. See article: Ask for Bundle ID: 141279.

Prolecto Content Renderer Engine (CRE)

Provides ability to create complex documents (PDFs), emails and general string output using NetSuite's Freemarker, or Trimpath template engine implementation. The system includes utilities to generate locale specific content. Subsystem for multiple record requests in Admin, Business User of Fully Automated contexts. Ask for Bundle ID: 81121.

Prolecto Credit Card Suitelet

An anonymous Suitelet to collect the customer credit card information and put it in the wallet. The customer has a choice to pay a single invoice or the balance. A security key is added to new invoices with a link on the Billing tab that is valid for 30 days. Ask for Bundle ID: 106154.

Prolecto Cross Subsidiary Sales Order

Create posting transactions in multiple subsidiaries from a single Sales Order. Ask for Bundle ID: 261772.

Prolecto Customer Deposits Generator

Implementation of a custom customer deposit system.

V1_0: Allows for addition of customer deposit lines to sales orders. These lines which have amounts equal to predefined percentages of the sales order amount, are billed to customers before fulfillment and final invoicing.

V2_0: Create an Advanced Payment invoice from an Opportunity, Estimate or Sales Order (SO) which must be paid in full for the Sales Order to be approved. Upon payment of the Advanced Payment invoice, native customer deposits are created and linked to the SO. When the SO is billed, these deposits are automatically applied. A Payment Method Driven Customer Deposits can automatically create a NetSuite customer deposit by selecting a configurable payment method which is especially useful for third party payment systems in an authorize AND capture model. Ask for Bundle ID: 100126.

Prolecto Drop Ship Purchase Accruals

The Prolecto Drop Ship Accruals functionality leverages NetSuite Special Order constructs to use a location record to record item receipts and fulfillments to emulate NetSuite native Drop Ship while providing proper accrual matching accounting. Ask for Bundle ID: 124499.

Prolecto Financial Saved Search Library

Bundle includes Saved Searches to produce challenging financial summaries. Ask for Bundle ID: 139314.

Prolecto Foreign Currency Transaction Convertor

The Prolecto Foreign Currency Transaction (Trx) Convertor is a set of utilities designed to assist situations where you are working with foreign currency invoices and vendor bills but you seek to produce cash receipts and cash disbursements either with base currency or with other foreign currencies. The software algorithms leverage bank clearing account concepts. Ask for Bundle ID: 225595.

Prolecto Freight Container & Landed Cost

To track and manage the logistics and landed cost for purchases of inventory from manufacture to final destination warehouses. Automated landed cost based on container and location.

Increased capacities for robust landed cost templates that include raw material consumption as well as other cost factors.

Supports the concept of a Blanket Production Purchase Order which can be used with Item Groups. Supports mechanisms for lookup of component pricing to see variance information. Blanket purchase order references are traceable through standard purchase order and related freight / transfer order operations. Ask for Bundle ID: 125246.

Prolecto Geographical Region Lookups

Provides a mechanism to automatically lookup a region based on address records which then can feed NetSuite Class dimension on entities and transactions. Ask for Bundle ID: 255849.

Prolecto GL Reclasser

The GL Reclasser automatically reclassifies the GL impact of transactions according to rules associated with the customer. This can be used to record internal use of a part as repair expense or shipment of samples as marketing expense (instead of Cost of Goods Sold). Ask for Bundle ID: 104462.

Prolecto Google Sheet NS Applicator

The Prolecto Google Sheet NetSuite Applicator is a series of Google Sheet custom formulas and functions that will create and update native NetSuite records. Ask for Bundle ID: 166259.

Prolecto HTTPS Inspection

Learn how you can diagnose and inspect NetSuite HTTPS Posts with this utility.

See related article: Ask for Bundle ID: 42919.

Prolecto Line Item Value Modifiers

For enhanced pricing using discounts and markups in absolute terms, lookup items that can match by quantity threshold, entity, pricelevel, location and currency and automatically add discount lines in absolute terms. Example, if you want $2.50 to be added to Widget ABC, if the transaction quantity is 3, then the system will automatically add a $7.50 line discount. Ask for Bundle ID: 141264.

Prolecto Projects Task Coordinator

Comprises two major capacities:
1. Projects: The Projects record is automatically created in the background as you work with opportunities, estimates or sales orders. Projects can then be automatically linked to subsequent records.

2. Task Coordinator: The Project Task Coordinator is a special custom record designed to deem a transactional line as a key coodination relative to status. For example, when a sales order has a drop purchase order, the copied sales order line on the purchase order line runs independent. But it really is the same line. Thus tracking is independent of the sales order and purchase order yet cross referenced. Not only does it track line information, but at the header. Ask for Bundle ID: 191416.

Prolecto Quantity Price Schedules

NetSuite's concept of list prices (and pricing groups) with quantity pricing is not consistently implemented between the selling and purchasing area.

This application allows the account to do the following:
a) create a list price or other price level anchor leveraging NetSuite price level
b) define any arbitrary quantity price tier per item
c) Allow matching on a specific price level, price group, vendor pricing group or specific client or vendor
d) Use the same logic in the Purchasing domain

These can be updated on screen or via CSV / bulk updated.

Finally, there are is price lookup mechanism while in a Sales Order for other price tiers Ask for Bundle ID: 261177.

Prolecto Record Care and Validation

Provides for mechanism to define rules for record management and care (generally in the CRM context) with intelligent and helpful user hints and validations. Ask for Bundle ID: 125485.

Prolecto Record Import/Export Manager (RIEM)

Provides a framework for configuring and monitoring regular data imports and exports, and the scripts to automate the process. Allows you to set up regular import and export jobs based on various criteria, and then to monitor the status of those jobs. Each import or export is processed via a custom plug-in implementation. Drop a file in a folder or email to a specific address and let the work begin. Ask for Bundle ID: 240193.

Prolecto Record Job Control

Library of records and routines that allow for multiple records to be gathered as events, parsed into units and then subsequently processed. The manager provides a mechanism to know where you last retrieved data to prevent picking up data more than once. Used for batched based systems integration processing. Ask for Bundle ID: 149021.

Prolecto Record State Management (RSM)

Record State Manager is the evolution of the Transaction Approval Manager where a series of rules and criteria can be set to move any NetSuite record from one state to another. Rules are visible to user and can be overridden by selected roles even if programatic checks do not meet criteria.

The most common use case is taking a Sales Order from Pending Approval to Pending Fulfillment. However, other rules can be what it takes to move a lead to a prospect or customer. Ask for Bundle ID: 168443.

Prolecto Recurring Billing Engine (RBE)

The Prolecto NetSuite Recurring Billing Engine extends sales orders and items to include subscription information that can be automatically billed on a recurring schedule using credit card information stored in the customer wallet. Ask for Bundle ID: 169082.

Prolecto Recurring Charge Generator

Offer a mechanism to automatically charge a credit card or payment method (such as debit or ACH) to a customer deposit or to a customer payment against an invoice. Offer a switch for app setting to work with Merchant eSolutions payment record technologies. Ask for Bundle ID: 213223.

Prolecto Referral Obligation Manager

A toolset to describe relationships between entities that allow for one transaction to qualify for producing an obligation to another entity. For example, if a referral for a client is provided by an entity, if the new customer is invoiced, a lookup for the referral obligation is used to generate a related vendor bill. Qualification attributes include start and end dates and specific items that match. Ask for Bundle ID: 158061.

Prolecto Role Objects

A publicly available bundle for the community to be able to quickly get productive with the SDF system by supplying an SDF Developer Role. Includes another role to help with SuperUser access to move away from Administrator Ask for Bundle ID: 253192.

Prolecto Sales Allowance Accruals

SuiteGL Customization for adding global general ledger allowance accruals (back end) and contracted sales discount lines (front end). Use case examples include warranty reserves, bad debt reserves, returns reserves. Other use cases include promotional allowances with programs that are both time, customer and item based. Handles Returns with appropriate returns allowance accounting to eliminate challenges with NetSuite debiting the same Sales account as the traditional sales income account. Ask for Bundle ID: 106144.

Prolecto Sales Order Line Ship Manager

The Prolecto Sales Order Line Ship Manager is designed to give business users the ability to set a ship flag on lines across many orders at one time.

The key to this functionality is to provide a way that mimics NetSuite saved search list view, with filters with a way to mark a check box. The checkbox should trigger a batch of work to provide to Queue Manager to modify the underlying line items to turn on or off a custom Ship Flag. Subsequent logic is used to control what happens to the sales order.

The saved search can be defined by the administrator. A pattern is available to trigger custom logic on each sales order update before the sales order save event to account for line level changes. For example, a release order hold flag may be switched depending on the value of the underlying lines or parameters sent.

Dependency on Prolecto Utilities Bundle. Ask for Bundle ID: 183229.

Prolecto Staged Transaction Generator

Using Staging tables, scripts to insert and update Native NetSuite Transactional Constructs. Useful situations include eCommerce based sales to generate Sales Orders and Item Fulfillment management. Also included is a mechanism to insert tracking numbers into NetSuite item fulfillment records. Ask for Bundle ID: 145010.

Prolecto Supply Chain Enhancements

Enhancements to item structures to support supply chain management. Includes a) the Packout Rules custom object. Ask for Bundle ID: 218372.

Prolecto Target Final Order Amount

Set an option to drive a sales order to a specific value expressed in percentage or absolute dollar terms. Ask for Bundle ID: 232911.

Prolecto Task Manager

A task manager built on top of NetSuite native cases but optimized for use in an organization with employees, outside vendors as project staff, and clients. Completely suitelet driven and designed to work with NetSuite Advanced Projects.

Depends on Prolecto Utilities to provide framework for holding user driven filter profiles. Ask for Bundle ID: 263748.

Prolecto Transaction Approval Manager

The Transaction Approval Manager (TAM) provides intelligent management and communications of NetSuite records that need to meet specific business rules which include capacities to override based on role.

See related article:

Finally, the Transaction Approval Manager now has been superseded by the Record State Manager (RSM). Ask for Bundle ID: 125483.

Prolecto Transaction Approval Requests

Provides table based approval definitions based on min/max tiers and qualifiers to drive routing transactions (e.g., purchase requests to purchase orders) for signature. Offers Suitelet driven presentation to account for flexible license models and accounts for unknown vendors and items. Ask for Bundle ID: 153147.

Prolecto Utilities Bundle

Prolecto Resources Utilities for helpful functions.
1. File Attachment Detection
2. Custom Record Naming Utilities
3. URL Parameter Listen for Auto Populate
4. REST API Log Utilities
5. Recursive Mass Record Deletes
6. Record Touch
7. Track Field Changes In Note History
8 Queue Manager
9. App Settings
10. CSV File Import Log and Utilities
11. File Duplicate Check with REST Endpoint
12. Flexible Inline Edit Lists
13. Show Message Banner
14. Field Source to Target Field Mapper Ask for Bundle ID: 132118.

Prolecto Vendor Deposit Generator

Add a custom field to the purchase order for the deposit amount. When the field has a value, add a button to the purchase order form to create the vendor bill. The script adds the vendor deposit lines to the purchase order and redirects to the transform PO to vendor bill page. Ask for Bundle ID: 228694.

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