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How to Effectively Use Your CRM System to Craft a Winning Email Strategy

If you’re in the business of marketing, you realize that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach and communicate with your customers online.  Most business owners recognize the importance of email marketing, and usually attempt to set up an email marketing program. So let’s take an example of a company [Read on…]

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Goodbye Exchange, Outlook & Blackberry — Welcome Google & Android

I made the leap and jumped off of Outlook / Exchange, BlackBerry and BlackBerry Enterprise Server fully adopting a Google Apps and Android Mobile. While I am losing some capacities, I am not going back!

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Categorizing Outlook Contacts for Email Marketing

Categorizing a large number of Outlook Contacts can be done much easier using the Categorize Plus tool.

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Solution for Syncing and Bounced Emails between NetSuite and Outlook

Increase marketing effectiveness with our Outlook Contacts to NetSuite Sync program. Seamlessly keep categorized contact records managed for low cost, targeted email campaign communications.

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Developing Brand Awareness through Outlook and NetSuite

Are you looking to leverage Outlook to produce branded email messages? I discuss a closed loop practice that leverages Outlook, NetSuite, and blog technology.

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NetSuite Outlook Sync 2.0 Fundamentals

To get maximum value, Marty Zigman offers fundamental thinking and illustrations on NetSuite’s Outlook Sync 2.0.

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NetSuite’s Outlook 2.0 Beta 100 Record Update Limit

After having lengthy conversations with NetSuite’s Support discussing observations about the latest .157 Outlook 2.0 Beta, it became clear that we need to clean about about 500 duplicate records from Outlook.   Our task is to first disable these 500 problematic records in Outlook from being shared with NetSuite and then delete them to get [Read on…]

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Still More Work for NetSuite’s Outlook 2.0 Beta Client

I have been enthusiastic about the NetSuite Outlook 2.0 client for the promise of two way syncing. Let’s not forget  though that this is beta software.  The frequency of updates seem to be every 4 to 6 weeks.  We recently upgraded from 2.0.142 to 2.0.157.  Version 2.0.142 was pretty close.  But now we have a [Read on…]

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Updates to Missing Company information within NetSuite Outlook 2.0

Marty Zigman discusses how he cleaned up lost company information in NetSuite.

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Outlook Company Information Missing from NetSuite 2.0 Sync

Marty Zigman discusses some of the challenges and workarounds with Company information getting lost with NetSuite’s beta Outlook 2.0 sync utility.

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