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NetSuite Tip: How to CSV Insert a New Line on Existing Transactions

Learn how to insert a new line on an existing transacting during a NetSuite CSV update operation.

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Learn the NetSuite Item Sales Trend Pattern via Saved Search

Learn how to produce a NetSuite Saved Search that generates sales trends using relative date math.

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Uncovered: How to use SuiteScript to Create Unpublished Saved Searches

Learn how to craft NetSuite saved searches on undocumented object types.

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Tip: Modify NetSuite Paycheck Number to Reset Auto Numbering Manager

Need to modify a NetSuite check number that is locked from edit? Use this tip to change the check number.

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Anonymous Suitelet Demands User Agent Header

Learn how NetSuite expects a user agent header value on its anonymous Suitelet technology.

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NetSuite’s Locale Preference Lookup List

Get the NetSuite lookup list for user language and locale preferences.

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Skeptical about the Cloud? How a Great Way to Save Money Can Help You Make It, Too.

Most people just use software without thinking much about it.  They don’t realize its potential for making money.

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7 Ways NetSuite Can Increase Your Revenue That You Probably Aren’t Using

Traditional CRMs and ERPs help organize a business, but NetSuite offers a variety of built-in resources that are able to effectively target areas for revenue growth.  Here are 7 ways that NetSuite can help you increase your revenue.

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