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How to Effectively Use Your CRM System to Craft a Winning Email Strategy

If you’re in the business of marketing, you realize that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach and communicate with your customers online.  Most business owners recognize the importance of email marketing, and usually attempt to set up an email marketing program. So let’s take an example of a company [Read on…]

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Yes, you can Synchronize NetSuite to your Android and Google Contacts

If your organization is using NetSuite for CRM activities, and you have made the leap to take advantage of the power of Google Apps for Gmail, our Google Contacts to NetSuite Sync app is for you.   And if you have an Android, you already love the built-in sync to GMail.  Now go all the way [Read on…]

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Trust, Responsibility, Competitive Advantages and NetSuite

Marty Zigman speaks about trust and responsibility as key factors to drive growth and the role that business systems play in helping organizations conscientiously act to expand revenue while lowering costs. It is not obvious and those that understand it enjoy significant competitive advantages. NetSuite is one platform for the few that “get it”.

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Innovation, Testing, and Fully-Integrated Systems

The standards for being competitive are rising as organizations innovate and test their speculations with greater precision and frequency. Fundamentally, this competitive practice can be gained at a fraction of the cost through adoption of fully-integrated systems.

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Categorizing Outlook Contacts for Email Marketing

Categorizing a large number of Outlook Contacts can be done much easier using the Categorize Plus tool.

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Solution for Syncing and Bounced Emails between NetSuite and Outlook

Increase marketing effectiveness with our Outlook Contacts to NetSuite Sync program. Seamlessly keep categorized contact records managed for low cost, targeted email campaign communications.

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Developing Brand Awareness through Outlook and NetSuite

Are you looking to leverage Outlook to produce branded email messages? I discuss a closed loop practice that leverages Outlook, NetSuite, and blog technology.

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