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Prolecto Content Rendering Engine (CRE)

Provides ability to create complex documents (PDFs), emails and general string output using NetSuite's Freemarker, or Trimpath template engine implementation. The system includes utilities to generate locale specific content. Subsystem for multiple record requests in Admin, Business User of Fully Automated contexts.

Bundle ID

Ask for Bundle ID: 81121.

Version History


Revisions to incorporate specific reply-to email addresses independent from the standard employee record.


Updates for request input utility to support more flexible connection options.


Enhancements to support larger textarea for template syntax in CRE Profile metadata fields. Extend Country table to hold 3 character codes.


Ability to not have a child CRE profile line reference a parent allowing for static search definitions. Scaffolding for NetSuite Pivot Table with Suitelet launcher.


Ability to call out to a remote URL (SuiteLet or other) after execution.


Added ability to add filters on CRE Batch Request Object


Refinements to run NoUI mode for batch automated mode.


Updates to streamline the automation of PDF / HTML batch mode generation.


Refinements to accommodate more than 1,000 locale elements in a profile reference.


  1. Support for deeper joins
  2. Bounce notifications profile option
  3. Form button generator refinements
  4. Refinements for testing suitelets including locale references
  5. Refinements for execute function
  6. New references to JQuery given NetSuite's deprecated announcements.


New batch based sub system to allow the ability to process multiple records that need to be targeted for CRE generation.   Three primary modes of operation: 
  1. Administrator: use a saved search to drive selection of records similar to a Mass Update style record selector.
  2. User Sublist: reference a saved search during deployment to use off another record.  For example, on the customer record, select related transactions that need to be generated.
  3. Hands Off Scheduled: Using a saved search, run as scheduled


  1. Refinements for message body to support long text
  2. Updates to locale element database


  1. Refinements for Locale references including use of currency references.
  2. New utility to allow Administrators an easy way to execute a CRE Profile. 


1.  Add capacity to specify the applicable countries related to a locale to facilitate linking customer preferences.


Significant enhancements for Locale elements:
1.  Lookup elements and translate to target locale
2.  Format currencies and date formates according to locale and transaction preference


  1. Break 1,000 record limitation
  2. Work with aggregates
  3. Deprecated use of Handlebars due to slowness in tester
  4. Cleaned up and enhanced syntax checker
  5. Enhanced linking logic

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