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The following NetSuite application is available to all active Prolecto Resources clients without license charge. Click here to get back to the bundle list.

Prolecto Utilities Bundle

Prolecto Resources Utilities for helpful functions.
1. File Message Attachment Notifications
2. API Log Utilities
3. Recursive Mass Deletes and Record Touch
4. Track field changes with update to note history
5. Queue Manager
6. CSV File Import Log and Utilities
7. Flexible Inline Edit Lists

Bundle ID

Ask for Bundle ID: 132118.

Version History


Pattern to listen to URLs parameters to drive auto populate record values. Refinements to other utilities.


Enhanced for scheduled workflow mechanism to touch records for utility updates.  Updates to patterned auto record naming on native NetSuite records that allow overrides.


File duplicate check Restlet endpoint designed to help see prevent and manage duplicates. Primarily used by the FTP integration services but can be used by other facilities.


Saved Search driven inline edit sublists that run independently from NetSuite's sublist feature.


  • Applications Settings feature
  • Refinements for CSV file import features


New mechanism to load NetSuite CSV files programmatically, have a log of the job including the expected and actual number of records imported. Serves to run in fully-automated mode.


Mechanism to automatically name any custom record including uniqueness checks and auto increment based on string/number pattern.  Offers hands off server side only mode or client side suggestion mode.


Refinements for Queue Manager for efficiencies.


Additional refinements for Queue Manager and File Detection bundle on deployment


Introduction to Prolecto Queue Manager to assist complex NetSuite scheduling management for scheduled scripts, map reduce functions, and optimized performance.


  1. Offers ability to track fields that change in the user notes where NetSuite does not.


  1. Provide for Generic Recursive Mass Delete


  1. Provide for REST API Log to track and monitor all related REST API work connected to Business Objects


  1. Offer for File Attachment Detection on Records by providing an alert on forms.

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