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Prolecto Drop Ship Purchase Accruals

The Prolecto Drop Ship Accruals functionality leverages NetSuite Special Order constructs to use a location record to record item receipts and fulfillments to emulate NetSuite native Drop Ship while providing proper accrual matching accounting.

Bundle ID

Ask for Bundle ID: 124499.

Version History


Refinements to include Queue Manager processing for Item Fulfillments. When we are create an item fulfillment from an item receipt User event, the scripts deployed to item fulfillment may not fire. Hence, we moved the logic to use Queue Manager to reload and submit the IF to trigger the events.


Final refinements for client release in an environment with Quantity Price Lookups and Business Process Automation activation.


Added switch to use a unique line key to lookup related item on the sales order. Key is derived using the Business Process Automation bundle.


Enhanced to ignore assembly items and kits. Also, developed an optional aftersumbit script to trigger subsequent purchase order business logic when needed to fire rules that come from drop ship accruals processes.


  1. Created new Shipping tab on Item Receipt / Purchase Order.
  2. Created new fields: a) Shipping Cost, b) Shipping Carrier and c) Shipping Method applied to Item Receipt.
  3. The values of the fields will be set on Item Fulfillment after Item Receipt submit.


  • Rearranged the execution sequence of 
    • Setting the header location of PO based on PO line location
    • Setting the Ship To Address on PO based from Customer's shipto address.
  • Included error message when user selects multiple locations on PO, on aftersubmit event.


Enhanced to handle Fedex based shipment carrier options.


  • Enhancement for copying shipping information.
  • Accommodation for serial number transfer elements


1.  Refinements based on usage.


1.  First major version.

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