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Prolecto Recurring Charge Generator

Offer a mechanism to automatically charge a credit card or payment method (such as debit or ACH) to a customer deposit or to a customer payment against an invoice. Offer a switch for app setting to work with Merchant eSolutions payment record technologies.

Bundle ID

Ask for Bundle ID: 213223.

Version History


  • Revised to support two Credit Card Processors: Merchant eSolutions and Solupay.
  • Updated to move to Bundle installation script to check for Prolecto Utilities and to add App Setting to help with setup.


Ability to specify the frequency via month and year factors which properly calculate for month end relative dates.

Also refinements for processing larger number of transactions.


Revisions for enhanced usage and refinements for Merchant eSolutions Tokenization methods.


Enhancements to accommodate Merchant eSolutions Credit Card on File Tokenization Reference technology. Also accommodate more counters to drive referencing on transactions for audit and control.


Solve for applying payments to invoice and for sequencing dynamic variables.


On create enhancements.


Enhancements to provide more control for end game situations:
  1. Stop after a certain point in time
  2. Maximum amount to charge
Thus, additional counters and logic included.


Refinements based on testing.


First version to stabilize in client system

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