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Prolecto Sales Order Line Ship Manager

The Prolecto Sales Order Line Ship Manager is designed to give business users the ability to set a ship flag on lines across many orders at one time.

The key to this functionality is to provide a way that mimics NetSuite saved search list view, with filters with a way to mark a check box. The checkbox should trigger a batch of work to provide to Queue Manager to modify the underlying line items to turn on or off a custom Ship Flag. Subsequent logic is used to control what happens to the sales order.

The saved search can be defined by the administrator. A pattern is available to trigger custom logic on each sales order update before the sales order save event to account for line level changes. For example, a release order hold flag may be switched depending on the value of the underlying lines or parameters sent.

Dependency on Prolecto Utilities Bundle.

Bundle ID

Ask for Bundle ID: 183229.

Version History


Minor refinements.


Minor refinements.


Migration from a flag to a quantity factor respecting maximum quantities that emulate back order quantity. The application allows control over the generation of partial item fulfillment records to drive 3PL operations.


Further golive refinements.


Refinements for final first release.


Initial release.

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