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Prolecto Record State Management (RSM)

Record State Manager is the evolution of the Transaction Approval Manager where a series of rules and criteria can be set to move any NetSuite record from one state to another. Rules are visible to user and can be overridden by selected roles even if programatic checks do not meet criteria.

The most common use case is taking a Sales Order from Pending Approval to Pending Fulfillment. However, other rules can be what it takes to move a lead to a prospect or customer.

Bundle ID

Ask for Bundle ID: 168443.

Version History


Tthe new features are:

·         Currently RSM only stores when a rule has changed its status (on the rule instance record).  A client wanted the option to also store when the rule was last evaluated

·         Ability to optionally store on a record whether RSM will evaluate a record (or whether it already deems it “complete”)

·         Created new “Rule Debugger” suitelet which lets you run RSM against a record in “non-updating” mode, so that you can check the rules, but they won’t update anything.


Minor bundle maintenance.


Add an optional script parameter to a Map/Reduce script


Added support for Optional Rules, and Ad-Hoc Rules, and a new Rule Category for organizing rules. Added more customization options to display information in the client's preferred terminology. Added ability to override multiple rules at once using a suitelet view on the target record. Added ability to add optional and ad-hoc rules to a record.


Minor refinement.


Support for more options for CheckComplete functions.


Support for X-Edit operations to allow for bulk updates on records.


Initial release as a migration from Transaction Approval Manager.

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