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Prolecto Customer Deposits Generator

Implementation of a custom customer deposit system.

V1_0: Allows for addition of customer deposit lines to sales orders. These lines which have amounts equal to predefined percentages of the sales order amount, are billed to customers before fulfillment and final invoicing.

V2_0: Create an Advanced Payment invoice from an Opportunity, Estimate or Sales Order (SO) which must be paid in full for the Sales Order to be approved. Upon payment of the Advanced Payment invoice, native customer deposits are created and linked to the SO. When the SO is billed, these deposits are automatically applied. A Payment Method Driven Customer Deposits can automatically create a NetSuite customer deposit by selecting a configurable payment method which is especially useful for third party payment systems in an authorize AND capture model.

Bundle ID

Ask for Bundle ID: 100126.

Version History


New Request custom record for creation of Deposit Invoices.  Can be used to drive request for deposit invoices from Projects or other structures.


Revision to support a variable user-defined absolute amount of the deposit independent from the opportunity, estimate or sales order.


Enhancements to close deposit invoices that won't ever be paid. Considerations for using the GL Reclasser to get different accounting routing. Refinements for user experiences for synchronous vs. asynchronous operations.


Architecture enhancement to make the deposit invoice a control structure for the status of the overall application of payments to auto generation of customer deposits. Enhanced to allow payments of deposit invoice from any acceptable payment type including credits, other deposits and journal entries.


  1. Capacity to run and generate customer deposit invoices against Opportunity and Estimate records.
  2. Ability to create a customer deposit when there is no sales order.  Yet, when a sales orders comes into existence, find related customer deposits and link to enjoy automatic subsequent earned invoices customer deposit application.
  3. Intelligence for handling for customer deposits that are not linked to sales orders yet there are open invoices that need deposit application.
  4. Refinements for exchange rates to distinguish Advanced Payment Invoices payments to account for improper realized foreign currency gains/losses.
  5. Refinements for Sales Order / Estimate shipto and billto addresses information, if available to the Advanced Payment Invoice.
  6. Added two new control reports for version 2.0 payments.


  1. Fix for payments to multiple advance payment invoices
  2. Fix for Scheduled update statuses after failures
  3. Enhancement for Payments that are posting or proper status resulting in customer deposit
  4. Fix for Customer Deposits getting the right cash account from the payment method.


  1. Scheduled script enhancements for "Failed to Create Invoice"


  1. Schedule Scripting for Background Processing on all models
  2. Ability to move around the dynamic presentation via preferences
  3. Better status indicators

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