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Prolecto Credit Card Suitelet

An anonymous Suitelet to collect the customer credit card information and put it in the wallet. The customer has a choice to pay a single invoice or the balance. A security key is added to new invoices with a link on the Billing tab that is valid for 30 days.

Bundle ID

Ask for Bundle ID: 106154.

Version History


This bundle has been deprecated in favor of the

Further minor refinement.


  1. Support for multicurrency; dynamic payment methods based on processor which link to currency.
  2. Support for using CRE to drive presentation
  3. Variable link expiration driven by terms
  4. Transform Opportunities / Estimates in Sales Orders upon payment.


Enhancements to now spawn from opportunities. Refinements for selected template references for full brand control.


Support for spawning customer deposits from Estimates.


  • Removed two parameters that were not needed
  • Added customer field PRI Order Deposit % Require
  • Added SO Fields PRI Order Deposit % Required (sourced) and PRI Required Deposit Amount
  • Added Customer Deposit link generation handling
  • Updated branding to show Prolecto logos in default mode
  • Refinements and other fixes


  1. Enhanced credit card wallet and lookup storage.
  2. Inclusion of AVS and CVV test elements
  3. Simplification for USD only currency and locale definitions 


Significant enhancement to allow a pointer to a user defined TrimPath template to get full control over the presentation.  Offers mechanism to have localized content.


Primary bundled offered to a couple of clients in basic quick use mode.

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