Skeptical about the Cloud? How a Great Way to Save Money Can Help You Make It, Too.

Most people just use software without thinking much about it.  They don’t realize its potential for making money.

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Business Systems Adaptation, Integration, Customization, or Best of Breed?

When selecting a business system, how much weight do you give to the system’s capacity to be adapted and customized?

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The Top 3 NetSuite Questions

The Top 3 NetSuite questions that company’s ask when selecting a new business system.

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Is ERP Version Lock Preventing you from Customizing your Business System?

Have the liberty to perform ERP customizations without being trapped. Version lock can be a situation in the past.

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Spending too much Time Leading a Practice? Time Analysis and Insights

Over the last 12 weeks, I have been keeping careful account of my professional time. I pull it together to yield important insights. How do you compare?

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How Cloud Computing Solves the Problems of Open Source and Proprietary Software

Open Source is no longer mainsteam, Here is why.

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The 5 Warning Signs Your IT Model is Out of Date, and What to Do About It

Does IT seem to be in your way? Here are the 5 signs your model is outdated; and what you can do about it.

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NetSuite Sees China for its eCommerce Expansion

NetSuite’s SuiteScript server pages back the Commerce as a Service strategy which make the China market more easily within reach.

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Adding Bitcoin Global Payment Capacities to NetSuite

Integrating Bitcoin to NetSuite for no-cost global payment exchange.

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NetSuite’s CEO Shares the Meaning of Social and Mobile in Today’s Business Environment

NetSuite’s CEO, Zach Nelson, speaks about how to win in the emerging Social and Mobile market by focusing on transactional concerns. Are you distracted by the buzz or focused on what matters — getting the order?

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