Contrasting Bitcoin as an Asset versus a Foreign Currency in the NetSuite Accounting System

Learn about the differences in accounting approach to treat Bitcoin as an Asset (inventory) or as Foreign Currency in the NetSuite accounting system.

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Best Practice: NetSuite Work In Progress for Distribution Organizations

Learn the best practice to utilize NetSuite to account for Work In Progress.

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Get Control over NetSuite’s Scheduled Tasks

Watch a video and learn how to get control over NetSuite’s queues and produce more reliable applications.

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Shopify to NetSuite Integration: Your Way!

Get an economical NetSuite to Shopify eCommerce integration which will fit your exact business rules.

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Global Logistics Practices for NetSuite Driven Distribution Companies

Learn the scalable inventory logistics practice for globally-minded NetSuite distribution companies that use outside manufacturing.

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CIO Review Article: Bitcoin and Digital Currency Impacts on Core ERP & Business Systems

Get the CIO Review article to learn about Bitcoin, Digital Currencies and ERP Systems.

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Fellow CTOs Begin to Understand Bitcoin

A relative “old timer” offers an assessment on the progress of Bitcoin adoption.

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Mashable: Retailers Who Take Bitcoin Love It

Bitcoin is gaining world-wide acceptance. The good news is that NetSuite companies can accept Bitcoin today without fees.

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CPE Credit: Bitcoin Talk to the AICPA: All the Way to the General Ledger

Earn CPE Credit and learn about Bitcoin and the impact to the General Ledger.

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How to Avoid a Costly Mistake Selecting an ERP/CRM Partner

Want to avoid a failed implementation? Learn the tactics used by unethical professional services firms — and how to avoid them.

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