How To: NetSuite Implementations Demystified

Ready for a NetSuite Implementation? This How To article provides a simple three-phase approach that ensures success.

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NetSuite Calendar Combines ERP and CRM Comittments for Streamlined Efficiency

NetSuite is a business management application that offers a calendar to manage events, tasks and activities. This article discusses how the calendar works and why this is valuable.

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Be more Competitive with Business Process, Product Knowledge and Accounting in NetSuite

NetSuite is the premier tool that allows you to be more competitive and help you make money. Learn how NetSuite helps you leverage product knowledge, business process, and accounting.

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Goodbye Exchange, Outlook & Blackberry — Welcome Google & Android

I made the leap and jumped off of Outlook / Exchange, BlackBerry and BlackBerry Enterprise Server fully adopting a Google Apps and Android Mobile. While I am losing some capacities, I am not going back!

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Pull Your Team Together — Management Practice Part II

What is your management practice? Do you meet one-on-one, or in a group? What do you talk about? In this article, I discuss Part II, the Cross-Department Practice, which promises to lift your team’s performance and improve your leadership skills.

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Is your Staff Weak? Sharpen your Management Practice.

Do you find it difficult to produce reliable execution within your organization? Do you think it is because your staff and others are weak? Perhaps your management style could be improved. Learn a simple yet robust management practice that will produce more time, less confusion, more staff loyalty, and reliable results.

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All-Talk: Parallel Processing before Going Live!

It’s all talk! Parallel Processing before going Live on a new business system sounds smart but is rarely practiced. Consider different implementation approaches and related implications.

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Trust, Responsibility, Competitive Advantages and NetSuite

Marty Zigman speaks about trust and responsibility as key factors to drive growth and the role that business systems play in helping organizations conscientiously act to expand revenue while lowering costs. It is not obvious and those that understand it enjoy significant competitive advantages. NetSuite is one platform for the few that “get it”.

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Best-of-Breed Business Systems: Traps & Lies

Be skeptical. The Best-of-Breed appeal obscures the challenges and lost opportunities afforded in a fully-integrated business management software suite. This article discusses important concerns that are often missed in selecting business systems such as CRM, Microsoft Great Plains, and Magento eCommerce.

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Is Single Instance ERP Losing Momentum?

There is some talk in the marketplace about people moving away from the single instance utopia offered by most fully-integrated business system platforms. In this post, I talk about some of the costs that should be considered when thinking about going with best-of-breed systems.

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