Supercharge NetSuite Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

Exploit multiple linked NetSuite Saved Searches to describe your data and drive your Advanced PDF / HTML template. Craft your work and preview side-by-side for a productive experience.

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Learn how to Implement a NetSuite Email Plug-in to Automate Order Processing

Get some sample code and learn how NetSuite’s Email Plug-in framework can drive automation.

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Solution: Route NetSuite Leads based on the Shortest Distance

Learn how to leverage Google Maps and Trigonometry with NetSuite to calculate the shortest distance between two points.

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Best Practice: NetSuite Lead Imports and Campaign Responses

Learn the best practice to import leads into NetSuite and work with campaign response records. Get a SuiteScript code pattern that illustrates the logic including how to update address records and campaign events.

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Changing NetSuite Contact Owner when Marked Private

Learn how to clean up NeSuite contacts that are marked Private so you can become Owner.

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Tip: Search for Unknown NetSuite Drop Down Data

Learn how to use the “%” operator in HTML drop downs to quickly lookup NetSuite data.

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Sales Reps Import Orders and Assignment Rules

Learn how to modify NetSuite’s Sales Role definition to drive different order import behavior.

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NetSuite Driven Commissions – Your Way

Learn how you can take control and extend NetSuite to meet your specific commission payout challenge.

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How to Avoid a Costly Mistake Selecting an ERP/CRM Partner

Want to avoid a failed implementation? Learn the tactics used by unethical professional services firms — and how to avoid them.

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Part IV: What makes NetSuite’s CRM Unique for Producing Successful Implementations?

You want your new CRM system be embraced, but your salespeople do not share your enthusiasm. Learn why and how NetSuite’s approach helps you succeed.

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