Drive Custom NetSuite Based Multi-Sales Discount Programs

Learn how you can drive automated selling programs leveraging the NetSuite platform.

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Convert a NetSuite Lead to a Vendor

Learn how to bypass NetSuite’s CRM default behavior to convert a lead to a vendor instead of a prospect.

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Supercharge NetSuite Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

Exploit multiple linked NetSuite Saved Searches to describe your data and drive your Advanced PDF / HTML template. Craft your work and preview side-by-side for a productive experience.

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Learn how to Implement a NetSuite Email Plug-in to Automate Order Processing

Get some sample code and learn how NetSuite’s Email Plug-in framework can drive automation.

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Solution: Route NetSuite Leads based on the Shortest Distance

Learn how to leverage Google Maps and Trigonometry with NetSuite to calculate the shortest distance between two points.

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Best Practice: NetSuite Lead Imports and Campaign Responses

Learn the best practice to import leads into NetSuite and work with campaign response records. Get a SuiteScript code pattern that illustrates the logic including how to update address records and campaign events.

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Changing NetSuite Contact Owner when Marked Private

Learn how to clean up NeSuite contacts that are marked Private so you can become Owner.

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Tip: Search for Unknown NetSuite Drop Down Data

Learn how to use the “%” operator in HTML drop downs to quickly lookup NetSuite data.

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Sales Reps Import Orders and Assignment Rules

Learn how to modify NetSuite’s Sales Role definition to drive different order import behavior.

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NetSuite Driven Commissions – Your Way

Learn how you can take control and extend NetSuite to meet your specific commission payout challenge.

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