Video: NetSuite Driven Interactive Graphical Image Mapping Overlay

This article is relevant if you are using NetSuite and you want to create a software application that allows your users to see your information using maps, images, and other graphical overlays.


We recently helped a non-profit client in the cemetery and mortuary business migrate all of their business applications to NetSuite. The organization offers cemetery plots as inventory for sale to take care of that future event we all must eventually face. In this client revenue model, sales executives will speak to prospective customers about specific space in their two cemetery parks. The parks have been organized into individual property space inventory which is made available for sale to the public. After the property inventory is sold, space is held by individuals (or their families) for which, upon death, deceased will be placed or interred.

We think of this kind of property inventory in a spatial, visual manner. Thus, our ability to see a graphical map of how each park has been divided into allocated units allows us to target a specific location and inquire about price and availability.

NetSuite Driven Graphical Mapping Overlay Software

Now that we are well accustomed to the web and mobile-driven software applications, almost all of us are familiar with mapping overlay software. Consider these common user presentation models:

  1. Street Mapping and Routing: we enter a source and a target street address and the software draws routes optimized to minimize distance or elapsed travel time.
  2. Special Event Ticket Sales: consider buying online sporting or theater tickets and being able to choose your seat selection at the hosting venue.
  3. Airline Seat Assignment: do you prefer an airplane aisle or a window seat? Do you prefer the front or the back of the plane? It’s much easier to pick your seat by selecting a spot on a seat map.

I suspect it is easy to gain consensus that we naturally are more competent acting with this information in a visual manner. However, how do you get data and information that is hosted in NetSuite to these specialized visual applications?

Leverage NetSuite’s Suitelet Technologies to Drive Mapping Application

The typical software developer will propose to export NetSuite managed data to a specialized mapping overlay application which has been built to display graphical data. While there may be some merits to export data out of NetSuite, I am pleased to illustrate that the NetSuite business system can indeed host a mapping overlay application using the provided platform technologies. The key concerns to take care of include the following:

  1. Image Mapping Library: a JavaScript library optimized for image overlay selection represents the bridge between database information and the user experience.
  2. Image Portioning: images of the mapped areas will need to be sectioned into respective coordinates.
  3. Image Coordinate Linking: image coordinates will need to be linked to respected inventory structures in the business application.
  4. User Application: A custom application will need to bring together the three previous items to drive the effective user experience.

NetSuite Space Application Video Demonstration

The following video (3:21) illustrates the power bring together the technologies to produce the user experience. The benefit is that information is always current with no ongoing maintenance overhead. The video is designed to help you understand the power of the NetSuite platform and to debunk any myths that NetSuite cannot host such a system.

Work with Proven NetSuite Innovators

We think the application speaks for itself. Prior to our implementation, sales consultants would have to leave their customers while walking the part to go back to the office and produce printouts to price and highlight mapped information; instead, they now can interactively converse with their prospective clients while physically in the park. This leads to quicker commitments and more effective consultations.

If you desire to work with talent who can unlock NetSuite’s potential to help you drive more value from your NetSuite investment, let’s have a conversation.

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