Learn the NetSuite SuiteScript 2.0 Pattern to Add a Tab and a Sublist

This article is relevant if you need a NetSuite SuiteScript 2.0 code example to dynamically add a Tab and a Sublist to an existing form.


For one of our clients, we were asked to lead them in the implementation of NetSuite’s Electronics Payments bundle.  The software bundle is fairly locked down for modifications.  In our client’s situation, they sought to have custom batch approval features surrounding electronic payment generation and distribution.

On the provided forms, there was no way to use the point-and-click customization system to add a form and a sublist. So we took matters into our own hands and wrote a script to dynamically generate the tab and the sublist.

Sample NetSuite SuiteScript 2.0 to Create Tab and Sublist

One of our technical consultants, Alex, wrote the following code.  I reviewed it and cleaned it up a bit so that the pattern can help you in your SuiteScript development.  See the related image for how the result came out. Good work Alex!


//NetSuite SuiteScript 2.0 function called during the BeforeLoad event
function AddSublist(Context) {
	//create a custom tab to hold our Batch Approver Details
	var tab = Context.form.addTab({ id : 'custpage_batch_approval' ,label : 'Batch Approval Details' });
	//get the approval role from a deployment parameter
	var param_BatchApprovalRole = objCurrScript.getParameter({ name:'custscript_btx_batch_approval_role' });
	// for the Batch Approver role we want to make the TAB we are adding the first tab on the form
	// here we tell NetSuite to ‘insert’ our tab in front of an existing tab on the form which happens to have the ID ‘custom27’
	// the tab is already on the form, this really moves it rather than inserts it

	if (runtime.getCurrentUser().role == param_BatchApprovalRole) {
		 Context.form.insertTab({tab:tab ,nexttab:'custom27'});

	// add a new custom field to the new TAB before adding the sublist
	var Owner = Context.newRecord.getText('owner');
	var fldOwner = Context.form.addField({ id:'custpage_owner' ,type:ui.FieldType.TEXT ,label:'Batch Owner' ,container:'custpage_batch_approval' });
	fldOwner.defaultValue = Owner;

	// add the custom SUBLST to the TAB
	var objSublist = Context.form.addSublist( {id: 'custpage_sublist1' ,type:ui.SublistType.LIST ,label: 'sublist1' ,tab:'custpage_batch_approval' });

	// run a saved search to get the data for the sublist
	// using a saved search allows sublist columns and data to dynamically be added/removed without modifying the script

	//get saved search via deployment parameter
	var param_SavedSearchId = objCurrScript.getParameter({ name:'custscript_bt_ue_pfa_saved_srch_id' });
	var objSublistSearch = search.load({ id: param_SavedSearchId });

	//in our use case, we want to add another filter to the saved search based on joining to a specific field that is this record's ID
	var fltrPFA = search.createFilter({ name:'custbody_9997_pfa_record' ,join:'applyingtransaction' ,operator:'ANYOF'  ,values:Context.newRecord.id  });

	var SublistSearch = objSublistSearch.run();
	var SublistSearchResults = SublistSearch.getRange(0, 1000);

	//add the columns to the sublist based on the search results, columns with label “nodisplay” are not added to sublist; note:
	//“nodisplay” allows columns we don’t want to see on the form to be in the search results for purposes such as sorting the results in a desired sequence

	//dynamically define the column list based on the saved search definition 
	var c = 0;
		var colName = 'custpage_col' + c;
		if (col.label != 'nodisplay') {
			objSublist.addField({ id:colName ,label:col.label ,type: serverWidget.FieldType.TEXT });

	//now add rows to the sublist based on the search results, columns with label “nodisplay” are not added to sublist
	//only fill the first 1,000 rows based on early saved search work: do more crafty work if needed
	for (var ix = 0; ix < SublistSearchResults.length; ix++) {
		var result = SublistSearchResults[ix];                   
		var c = 0;
		//loop through the columns to fill the data
		for (var k in result.columns) {
			var colName = 'custpage_col' + c;                     

			if (result.columns[k].label != 'nodisplay') {
				var fieldValue;
				if ( result.getText(result.columns[k]) ){
					fieldValue = result.getText(result.columns[k]) 
				} else { 
					fieldValue = result.getValue(result.columns[k]) 
				if (!fieldValue) { 
					fieldValue = ' '; 
				//add the value to the row / column
				objSublist.setSublistValue({ id:colName ,value:fieldValue ,line: ix });
		 } // where am I? for (var k in result.columns)
	} // where am I? for (var ix = 0; ix < SublistSearchResults.length; ix++)

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