Accept Credit Cards in NetSuite via a Customer Statement

This article is relevant if you are looking to use NetSuite to send a link to a customer which will bring them to a website that will allow them to pay invoices and credit memos via credit cards.


For a number of clients, we have deployed and evolved our NetSuite Credit Card Suitelet technology. The original inception of the application was to pay a single invoice. Since inception, it has been enhanced to not only pay invoices, but it can be used to pay Sales Orders (and create subsequent customer deposits), estimates and opportunities. The nice part of this application was that it required no login, was a simple single web page, and we had a rapid deployment mode by changing the logo and you were up relatively quickly.  See article, NetSuite Video Demonstration: Accept Credit Cards, to learn more.

While our clients enjoyed it, another client had a more grand ambition. Much of their sales are business-to-business with repeat customers. They do indeed accept credit cards for their business customers. But instead of a link for each open invoice, the accounts receivable department wanted a solution that was more customer statement-oriented. This means that not just one transaction, but potentially all the transactions under the parent customer hierarchy might be displayed in a customer statement format and then the customer would have the option to pick and choose the transactions to pay. I like to think of it as the customer performs the cash receipt operations.

As we contemplated the design pattern, we also reflected on the need for content globalization, internationalization and multiple currencies requirements. As such, our Content Renderer Engine (CRE) has been doing great things generating content (HTML, PDF, or even systems integration) because of its superior mechanism to link multiple saved searches so we can gain access to difficult-to-reach NetSuite data. It has a built-in model for content localization. We thus put together these technologies to enhance our Credit Card SuiteLet technologies.

Introducing NetSuite Customer Statement Pay via Credit Card

We are calling the new solution our Credit Card SuiteLet 2.0 primarily because our integration of the CRE tools to drive the user experience. In this model, we can generate an aged customer statement of open transactions for payment in a branded experience. Here are some important capacities:

  1. Criteria Based Customer Statement: drive your customer statement with the data you only want the customer to see. Perhaps there is a credit memo that should not be part of this process because it is being reserved for other reasons?
  2. Select Transactions to Pay: give the customer the ability to pick-and-choose which transactions to pay. Allow the user to select invoices, credit memos and other transactions with a single summary record used to pay. Conveniently select all the transactions that are in an aged category.
  3. Credit Card Wallet Management: securely show credit cards on file in NetSuite’s wallet and allow the user to delete, edit or add new ones.
  4. Drive Messaging: using our Content Renderer Engine (CRE), get complete control over the email announcement message and the thank you payment receipt.
  5. Multi-Currency: create and send customer statements for payment distinguished by currency with control over the language and content localization requirements.
  6. Click Stream Logging: log all customer interactive operations and be able to see exactly what the customer saw to refine the experience as required.
  7. No Login Required: using Netsuite SuiteLet technology, no login is required. No need to have the customer go to a portal. NetSuite provides the hosting infrastructure and we use the power of SuiteScript to produce the entire experience.
  8. Drive User Experience: take our template and enhance where desired to change messaging, user experience and flow. The framework is designed to be adapted and tailored for specific use cases.

See Video Demonstration

We have created a video (9:07) demonstration to get a sense for the look and feel as well as the data flow.

Get the Credit Card SuiteLet

The new Credit Card SuiteLet is available to all Prolecto customers free of license charge. As always, we consult with our clients to produce the entire process and we leverage previous work where applicable. The software still supports our 1.0 model to pay individual transactions but now with our 2.0 model, we can handle more complex transaction scenarios. If you would like to get more credit card processing options in your NetSuite account, let’s have a conversation.

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