Solved: NetSuite Inline Edits That Really Work!

This article is relevant if you are challenged by using NetSuite’s inline edit capacities.


NetSuite’s inline edit function is great — when it works. If you are like me, when I turn on the feature to allow data edits in a spreadsheet row-like fashion, I am in suspense about which fields will allow edits and which ones won’t. It’s the infrequent time that I am surprised that all my data elements can indeed allow edit.

Recently, a client invested in creating a tool that would allow them to treat sales and purchase order lines as projects. Different from NetSuite’s project function, the idea is that every line on a sales order, purchase order, item fulfillment and item receipt represents coordination action between multiple parties.  We linked each sales and purchase order line to a respective custom record that we called a “Task Coordinator”. These lines would carry information such as status, follow up dates, and notes. The team needed an easy mechanism to edit these records in spreadsheet like fashion. We could not be limited by NetSuite’s built-in inline edit function for which fields will edit and which ones won’t.

Solving the NetSuite Inline Edit Challenge

To solve the inline edit challenge, we developed a pattern to allow us to define a saved search which then could be bound to a parent form record, similar to the way NetSuite allows you to bind saved searches to act as sublists via SuiteBuilder’s point-and-click customization. We then developed a callback function to a SuiteLet listener that provided a way to post information edited / modified by the user. The SuiteLet could embody all kinds of rules for validation or specialization as needed.  Users modify data and the database is updated as they go.

Some of the key features include:

  • Joined Searches: we can produce joined searches and allow for edits across multiple linked tables.
  • Edit while in View Mode: You can edit your lists while NetSuite is in view mode.
  • Summary Searches: searches that produce aggregates can also be edited.
  • Data Validation: enforce rules information supplied by the user.

Naturally, we can and will extend these capacities as needed.

Flexible Inline Edit Demonstration (4:24)

To better understand how the flexible inline edits work, I created a quick demonstration (4:24) video to illustrate the edits and some of the setup definition.

Get Flexible Inline Edits

The application is part of our Prolecto Utilities Library. Like all the algorithms we have developed for our clients, we provide these building blocks license free as part of our standard services engagement. If you are ready to get in front of your NetSuite inline edit challenge, let’s have a conversation.

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    Wow. Very slick.

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