How to Drive Axis M5014 Camera PTZ Control on BlueIris Web Camera Software

This article is relevant if you are trying to configure BlueIris Web Camera Software to drive PTZ


After working a number of years with Milestone’s free version of Web Camera software, but being frustrated every year because they force you to reinstall their software to get a a new license key, I decided to move to BlueIris. ¬† BlueIris’s price point, at $59.95, is more household friendly. ¬†It also looks like good software — however, I was warned about heavy CPU use.

All was good reinstalling the software. ¬†However because my eight camera system has three different camera types, it took some effort to reconfigure the software. ¬†One of my cameras, an Axis M5014 with preset PTZ control worked great with Milestone’s software. ¬†However, the configuration on the BlueIris was more demanding.

How To Configure BlueIris Preset PTZ Control on the Axis M5014 Camera

There was no specific documentation on how to configure the BlueIris software, except for some general information about using URLs. ¬†After searching around, and finding everyone lost, I knew I would have to hack a bit at it. ¬† So, I was able to take apart Axis’s web page based PTZ control system to figure out the URLs needed to drive the software. ¬†From there, I was able to determine what to do.

Step 1: Add PTZ Presets to Axis Camera Settings

Here is a screenshot of the presets that I manually added.  Use a string with no spaces as these will be parameters used later.

Step 2: Configure PTZ Presets in BlueIris Camera Settings

Here now is the undocumented part.  You need this information:

Server Address: http://[your-local-ip-address]/axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi?

Parameters: camera=1&gotoserverpresetname=[your-ptz-preset]

For example, one preset view I had was “Kitchen”. ¬†So here is the parameter:¬†camera=1&gotoserverpresetname=Kitchen

See image below for a guide.  The rest of the configuration is documented so this should be enough information unlock the configuration mystery.


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