Video: Learn how to Make a NetSuite Web Services API Call

This article is relevant if you are seeking a quick way to learn how to make a NetSuite based Web Services (SuiteTalk) API call.


As a NetSuite Systems Integrator, we work with all the platform mechanisms to enhance and work with the application.  Popularized during the early 2000s, one of the NetSuite interfaces offered is Web Services which is based on using XML and SOAP based standards.   Making a Web Services generally is easy if you using tools such as Microsoft .NET to connect to NetSuite.  However, if you want to quickly diagnose challenges while working with NetSuite Web Services, there is a way to craft the call and interact with the interface in a more raw format.

Introducing the Postman Chrome Browser Extension

While there are many tools available for producing web based development, my favorite for interacting with custom NetSuite RESTLets is Postman.  While working with one of my consultants on an NetSuite implementation project, he used Postman to interact with Web Services.  As such, I thought it was valuable to show how how Postman can easily produce HTTP interaction with Web Services.

Obtain SOAP XML Payload

The key to quickly get this working is to obtain sample SOAP XML available via Setup, Integration, Web Services Log. See image for where to download the Web Services Request which can be used to build your payload.  Modify the payload to contain your credentials.

Review Video for How To Connect Postman to NetSuite Web Services

See the video below for how to interact with the PostMan tool.

Work with NetSuite Experts

If you are passionate about the NetSuite platform like I am, and you hold high standards for how you conduct yourself while innovating on the platform, perhaps we should have a discussion about working with our team.



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Marty Zigman

Holding all three official certifications, Marty is Southern California's NetSuite expert and leads a team of senior professionals at Prolecto Resources, Inc. He is a former Deloitte & Touche CPA and has held CTO roles. For over 25 years, Marty has produced leadership in ERP, CRM and eCommerce business systems. Contact Marty to set up a conversation.

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  1. Hemang Dave
    Posted October 23, 2016 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

    Hi Marty

    I have too used Postman and it really helps to test out the Restlet quickly. Once the configuration is done, you are ready to go.

    Hemang Dave

  2. Gabukun
    Posted October 29, 2016 at 12:44 pm | Permalink

    Good stuff. I’ve also found SOAP UI quite useful as it produces sample requests (called Test Cases) for whichever SOAP method you like based on the SuiteTalk WSDL.
    Actually, I myself would subsequently copy it into Postman as the authentication part in SOAP UI is not as intuitive as in Postman.

    Speaking of authentication, would you have any experience with calling on NetSuite RESTlets via Microsoft Power Query? (

  3. Posted October 30, 2016 at 3:38 pm | Permalink

    Hello Gabukun,

    Thank you. I don’t have any experience with Microsoft Power Query. Perhaps someone in community may offer up thinking.

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