Drive Custom NetSuite Based Multi-Sales Discount Programs

This article is relevant if you are using NetSuite and you are finding that NetSuite provided Discount programs are not effectively meeting your requirements.


A recent client who distributes packaged goods to major retailers requested assistance to help automate the order management process surrounding a number of complex selling programs. ¬†To activate selling promotions,¬†the general approach is to use NetSuite’s Advanced Promotion bundle. ¬†However, the client’s requirements were relatively simple yet the Advanced Promotions programs didn’t quite do what they needed.

In our case, the client is selling via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and traditional order entry processes.  They needed to make sure that the rules were implemented and work independent of the ordering context.  Furthermore, multiple programs may be going on at the same time with some of them time based.   As a side note, these discount and promotion rules were used in a complimentary Sales Promotion Allowance program as discussed in this article.

Using NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform to Drive Discount Programs

Since we were going to have to produce some automation to meet the requirements, and we knew that it had to work in all ordering contexts, the solution was to build simple mechanism that will allow the client to define specifically the discount program and then ensure that the rules were applied without concern for how the order was captured.

In this case, we created a mechanism to link to Discount Items based on a prescribed discount rate. ¬†The rules work for all items as their selling programs are based on their entire product line. ¬†Once the programs are setup, during either Sales Order or Invoice processing, the system will apply the discount rules. ¬†Each product item will get a corresponding discount item to drop the effective price. ¬†Should there be more than one discount program in play, they will be additive to the product item (something the Advanced Promotions system can’t handle).

Leverage the NetSuite Platform to Streamline your Order Management Operations

The solution above illustrates what can be done on the NetSuite platform when combined with a vision, skill, and commitment.  I see too many times where NetSuite customers forget that software can shaped to save time, lower cost, and improve tactical capacity.    This is the passion of my team.  Perhaps you see an opportunity to streamline your promotion and discount programs and would like to have a conversation?


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