Reflection on NetSuite’s Certified SuiteCloud Developer Exam

This article is relevant if you seeking to become a NetSuite Certified SuiteCloud Developer Exam


NetSuite offers three different certification programs: ERP Consultant, Administrator and SuiteCloud Developer. ¬†I am delighted to say that I now possess all three certifications having passed the software development exam yesterday. ¬†I originally took the exam in Summer 2014 and did not pass. ¬†Appropriately, I had not invested the time into learning Workflow technologies up to that point. ¬†My thinking at the time was that I could achieve all the things needed in the script environment — so why learn workflow? ¬†NetSuite offered a generous retake policy for which I took advantage.

I developed a couple of applications leveraging workflow technology to increase my competency.  From that experience, I began to see both the power and the challenges using these tools.  These assessments will be the subject of a different article.  In the meantime, let me offer some insight into the developer exam.

Developer Exam Preparation

I believe the test was well balanced and followed in similar fashion to my experiences with the ERP Consultant and Administrator exams.  I can confidently say there is no way to pass any of these exams without hands on use of the tools to solve real world problems.  The three categories of technologies you must know:

  1. SuiteScript: the core JavaScript libraries and program model that run both server and client side.
  2. SuiteTalk:  the web services tier used primarily for external applications seeking to work with NetSuite data
  3. SuiteFlow: the workflow technologies
Within these three technologies, it will be important to understand how to scale applications.  You must understand the different authentication models and how to leverage these in your applications.  You will need to understand the governance architecture and how to design applications that anticipate limited capacities.

SuiteCommerce Advanced

I suspect another certification will emerge: SuiteCommerce Advanced.  My team and I have worked with the technologies and I am impressed.  These eCommerce technologies have a relative steep learning curve due to their abstraction and leverage of services such as AJAX; yet they leverage the robust backend platform that I believe is extremely powerful for middle-market companies.

Standards and Competency

I am pleased that NetSuite has developed these exams with high standards. ¬†In my mind, they are meaningful in that it will allow others to more quickly make assessments about an individual’s skill. ¬†If you are committed to the NetSuite platform and are looking to be around other consultants holding high standards for care, let’s have a conversation.
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Marty Zigman

Holding all three official certifications, Marty is Southern California's NetSuite expert and leads a team of senior professionals at Prolecto Resources, Inc. He is a former Deloitte & Touche CPA and has held CTO roles. For over 25 years, Marty has produced leadership in ERP, CRM and eCommerce business systems. Contact Marty to set up a conversation.

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