Tip: Search for Unknown NetSuite Drop Down Data

This article is relevant if you seek to enhance your day-to-day NetSuite use and be deemed a “power user”.


NetSuite released version 2014.2 which included a major facelift to the user interface.  During the transition, some of the behavior to HTML drop down controls have changed.  What you may notice is that some drop downs have a standard iconic arrow that supplies a list.  Other drop downs, designed for larger lists, allow you to type in a few characters to help lookup related filter values.

Since my team and I heavily use Timesheets in our NetSuite Systems Integration practice, we are frequently navigating the timesheet forms to capture records. ¬†A change of drop down behavior recently appeared which I suspect is a byproduct of the new 2014.2 upgrade. ¬†In the pre 2014.2 timesheet world, you would select a Customer field and then the project task drop down would appear presenting the different project tasks available to record time. ¬†In pre 2014.2, the list was a standard small list drop down and was perfectly appropriate because a project would typically only have a few tasks (at least in the way we setup projects in our practice). ¬†In the 2014.2 version, the drop down is now forced to be a large list dropdown that requires search. ¬†If you don’t know what the name of the task is, it takes two clicks to get to the list (one to open up a menu option, and another to select the ‘List’ option to draw the data). ¬†This is cumbersome when you are in the application frequently.

Use NetSuite Search Like Operator

One of our consultants reminded me that I could use the “%” search operator to help lookup NetSuite data. ¬†In the case of that drop down, if you place a percentage sign and hit tab, you will get a drop down list of data. ¬† See image for example. ¬† What is great about this is that you can use the “%” symbol when you can’t remember the name but you remember a fragment. ¬†For example, in the example provided here, if you search with “%plan”, you would get a hit for two options.

I am going to file a support case with NetSuite about this specific behavior to hopefully get back to the small list drop downs. ¬†In the meantime, I will quickly adapt by using the “%” symbol in my lookups.



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